Our Range of Services

Branded or Private Label we can tailor our services to meet your particular needs.

New Product Development

Spotting trends and developing delicious products. Our dedicated team of food technologists have a hands on approach. Using their vast plant bakery experience they can understand capabilities and spot potential opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities may just need a small adjustment to the existing production methods to open out a whole new market category. Adding value and broadening range and capabilities.


Delivering throughout the UK. Utilising the most efficient methods of consolidation we service the FMCG market. Working on a basis of order day 1 delivery day 2. 24 hours a day. Working in tandem to align our customer base forecasts and demand planning to the production and delivery schedules. Ensuring the highest service levels are attained while ensure the freshest product reaches the final consumer. We hold on average 850 pallets at any time in the UK. Across 4 dedicated depots.


Money in, money out. EDI and close cash flow maintenance is essential to ensure our Partners know the exact financial position at any period in time. Working to provide added value through efficient reporting and financial planning. Our Finance & Accounting department have a wealth of accounting and business finance experience. Ensuring our ‘Right first time’ ethos is maintained to reduce un-neccesary delays and administration.


Line drawings, GDAs, green audits and compliance. Launching and maintaining over 100 private label lines requires real diligence, experience and acumen. Dealing with each retailer specific technical and audit systems, our Technical team are constantly updating their working practices to provide our Partner bakeries with technical support.


The Baker Bennett commercial team have the experience and expertise to protect and develop our Partners business within the UK. A defined joint business plan is agreed and executed. Regular communication and a collaborative approach ensures the best course of action is managed to achieve the set objectives.